Metal Legs for Live-Edge Table

What Are Live Edge Tables?

Simply put, a live edge table features wood that has the natural shape and curved edge from where the bark actually meets the wood of a tree. Once the bark has been removed it often reveals interesting characteristics that make a table look a lot more dynamic. 

The live edge actually preserves the natural spirit of the wood, and we like that kind of thinking. Much like many people believe in the powers of crystals and other objects from nature, live edge wood, too, has much to offer from that standpoint.

Are Live Edge Tables Trendy?

​​Live edge furniture has become extremely desirable in recent years. It's used for everything from coffee tables to large dining room tables and can be very costly.

While live edge tables are certainly considered trendy at the moment, they've been around for a long time. Rustic cabin furniture made from pine and cedar logs has been popular for quite some time, however, live edge tables furniture is a more refined art.

5 Trendy Metal Table Legs for Live Edge Tables

1.Curva Metal Table Legs

The unique curve of the Curva Metal Table Legs adds to their beauty. This can be used for not only live-edge tables, but also for a coffee table, dining table, live edge slab, heavy table top, and so on.

Curva Metal Table Legs

2.Xeni Metal Table Legs

You’ll love the Xeni Metal Table Legs, and instead of the traditional four, You can use this with two to keep it in perfect balance for your live edge tabletop. That makes it perfect for dining with the family on the floor using cushions rather than sitting in a more formal setting.

Xeni Metal Table Legs3.Cleo Metal Table Legs

Many of you may have been thinking that live edge furniture was really for that rustic cabin or lodge-style decor. We've chosen the Cleo Metal Table Legs handcraft made to suit any kind of your live-edge table.

Cleo Metal Table Legs

4.Akro Metal Table Legs

Sturdy powder coated Arko Metal Table legs make your live edge table the perfect fit for your mid-mod decor, and would also make these table legs an awesome option for your choice.

Akro Metal Table Legs

5.Hoshi Metal Table Base

The Hoshi metal base. The finish looks awesome, and the base connects down the center to actually cradle the live edge tabletop. 

Hoshi Metal Table Base

If you want to customize the legs to suit your tabletop or your bench, We're ready to help you. Live chat with us at or leave your email for a 3D drawing.

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