A List of Table Legs That Magnificently Elevate Your Reading Area In Your Room

What's a reading area? Where can we see it? 

A reading area is a quiet space that allows us to read books, study, or work effectively. In daily life, the reading area can appear as a reading room in a library, conference room, hotel, or another building where people completely focus on reading, and a loud conversation is not usually allowed.

A reading area is a quiet space that is set aside for reading books, studying, or working effectively
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What is the purpose of the reading room?

A reading area can help us create a useful hobby that builds an amazing mindset and literacy skills. When we spend time reading, learning, and working in the reading area, we will gain the patience and the valuable knowledge that will promote us in our career path and also enrich our lives.

What should a reading area have?

  • The lights and distraction-free environment: 

Natural light is always encouraged for reading and working. It greatly helps our eyes from not being tired for a long time. You can try white lights if your reading area doesn’t adapt to the natural lights. Because white light is considered to be easier on the eyes and is known to cause less strain on the eyes. 

Every reading area should provide a quiet place for us to read independently or with a partner or small group. So that we can fully engage with our work.

The natural light greatly prevents our eyes from being tired for a long time

  • The storage:

Storage is an important element in a reading area. You might want to consider the space, a bookshelf, or a cabinet that could store your work files, accessories like your reading glasses, bookmarks, music CDs, and even a blanket for those cold days.

  • A sturdy and comfortable tables

Your reading area needs to include comfortable seating (bean bag chairs, pillows, carpet squares, even a small couch, if possible) or comfortable tables that fit your ergonomic seating position. 

A standard study table height for an ideal ergonomic seating position is about 25 to 30 inches(*). Moreover, the metal table legs are preferred made of metal to ensure the strength of the reading table. Metal table legs have high capacity and they’re easy to clean, and long-lasting with a powder coating material. 

With metal table legs below, you’ll find the perfect ones for your house: 

1. 401 wishbone table legs

With a mix of additional design and a little bit of renovation, 401 wishbone table legs e a good choice for you. Halff the design divides into two directions. At the bottom of the leg, there are two radiating lines to ensure a strong capacity without wobbling.

The ideal height of the 401 wishbone table legs can be used as a working/reading table, and can also be used as a dining table. At Flowyline, we have 2 separate sizes 28''H x 28''W and 28''H x 22''W to meet your different tablet needs.

401 wishbone table legs

2. 402 Wineglass table legs

402 Wineglass design has specific measurements. These 402 Wineglass legs are sturdy, stable, and easily installed. For those who always love the minimalist and traditional style, the 402 Wineglass table legs meet those criteria.

Just like the 401 wishbone table legs that come in two different sizes 28''H x 28''W and 28''H x 22''W, 402 Wineglass table legs are also flexible for different table styles in your home.

3. 506 Faras table legs

506 Faras table legs is an eye-catching design at Flowyline Design and is trusted by many customers. With a wide head design and slightly curvy chair lines, it gives customers an unique vibe.

With a height of 28''H suitable for many different purposes. 506 Faras table legs can be easily combined with many styles, so you won't worry much about what interior matches 506 Faras table legs.

Credit: https://flowyline.com/
506 Faras table legs

4. 434 Arlo table legs

With a narrow design at the top and gradually widening at the back, this design is for those who love the unique style. The thickness of the foot is moderate and there is a hold at the bottom to increase stability and create a highlight for 434 Arlo table legs

This design is suitable for the Mid-century style and vintage style, 434 Arlo table legs are definitely an option that you cannot ignore.

Credit: https://flowyline.com/
434 Arlo table legs

5. 505 Udo table legs

505 Udo table legs have small circles that are a bit narrow and slightly spread to the back to ensure certainty.

The 505 Udo table legs are made of small quadrilaterals to increase the contact area with the ground, thereby these legs both create stability and the unique feature of the design.

Credit: https://flowyline.com/
505 Udo table legs

There are many stores that sell metal table legs. If you are wondering where to find a reputable store, then Flowyline Design is the choice for you.

We - Flowyline Design is a furniture manufacturer based in California and sells various customizable metal table legs and bases. We have many good reviews and are willing to bring the best service for you. 

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