A Guide To Building An Outdoor Kitchen

Being able to cook outdoors and enjoy delectable dishes on a warm summer’s day is beyond therapeutic. Summer is a time for barbeques, when you can whip out the grill and have your friends over. For a more permanent setup, consider having an outdoor kitchen built instead. This space allows you to comfortably prepare the meals you like and treat your friends and family.

Here’s a guide to building an outdoor kitchen:


When you're building an outdoor kitchen, its size is the first thing to determine. Most homeowners want to have sufficient space for the cooking area, with a grill and stone oven, while preserving the most space for entertaining guests and having a garden. Don’t go too big with the outdoor kitchen as it'll become too large to maintain and reduce the space available in the backyard.

The shape of the kitchen

It’s quite common to have an L-shaped outdoor kitchen. It offers ample space to prepare the food and serve it as well. Depending on the space available in your backyard, you can choose the shape of the kitchen that best suits your needs. If you plan on having cabinetry for storage, we recommend having the kitchen built toward the exterior wall of your home for maximum support.

Equipment needed

 A meat smoker in an outdoor kitchen.

What type of equipment do you foresee using in the kitchen? It’s an important decision because you need to make arrangements for power outlets accordingly and need sufficient space for this equipment too. Common equipment used in an outdoor kitchen includes a grill, smoker, and stovetop. Some homeowners also have a brick oven built for pizzas.

Furniture required

Other than the kitchen layout and equipment, the outdoor kitchen should also have comfortable seating and a dining area too. Guests should be able to enjoy the delectable food prepared on comfortable and well-made dining tables and chairs.

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