a thanksgiving table decorated with cutlery, plants, and candles

Thanksgiving is all about sharing a good meal with those closest to us. However, when you're the one hosting the thanksgiving dinner, it can end up being a challenging feat. This is your chance to show your creative side; since the thanksgiving meal is a vital part of the entire celebration, it should be put on a photogenic, beautiful display.

Here's how you can make a Thanksgiving table a creative masterpiece:

Play with Colors

It's almost winter and the perfect time to play with color. Decorate your dining room table with hues of orange, yellow, greens, and browns. Add in reds, turquoises, ambers, and create a whole new atmosphere that your guests will surely love.

Don't know what color to choose? You can never go wrong with white and green. Plates and crockery inspired by nature are the best way to bring in some texture and color to this festival.

Pumpkin Season

Winters are about a lot of things, including pumpkins. Add mini pumpkins to the dinner table — but with a splash. Paint them up in different shades, and you'll have a table that guests won't stop admiring.

Add Autumnal Dinnerware to the Table

Sticking to a color scheme is important if you want a look that stands out. Choose autumnal colors to make your thanksgiving experience more festive. Go for pastels including pastel pink, orange, green, yellow, and red.

If you are unsure about autumnal colors, you can also go with a white and gold combination to brighten the table.

 a thanksgiving table with green candles and a checkered table cloth

Don't Forget the Fresh Fruit

Fall is all about fresh produce; add some freshness to your thanksgiving table by putting up a fruit tray with apples, pumpkins, grapes, figs, and other seasonal fruits.

Green Has a Special Place

And when you think there's something still missing? Know it's just some greenery. No matter how cool your table runner is, a bunch of leafy greens will take your turkey meal to another level.

Candles for Warmth

Nothing like a candle-lit dinner — keep the dinner table dazzling by adding in some seasonal scented candles, a few long candles, and a few antler-themed ones.


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