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Design style impacts both the look and functionality of your table legs, a dining table’s legs can utilize a wide variety of styles in its construction. Each style is designed to enhance the unique characteristics and design style of the tabletop. Below are some of the most common types of dining tables legs


Single Pedestal Table Base

Single "leg" or bases are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. It is easy to push your chairs flush to this type of table, but long legs may not enjoy the center impediment. Single pedestals are great for round tables, small tables, and/or pub tables in your eat-kitchen or breakfast nook. A Single Pedestal Table Base works best when used for seating fewer than eight for your dining room. It can be prone to tipping when expanded further if someone leans on one end or the other.

Prestige table base


Double Tables Legs

Two pedestals are better than one in a very large dining room. All pedestal tables "open" to accept leaves on geared slides, so they are easy to expand. However, the balance afforded by a double pedestal base allows this type of dining table to open to seat 12 or more with relative ease. Double Tables Legs also tend to look a little more formal in your dining room.

Haru metal table legs and bench legs


4-Legs Tables

Incredibly versatile, the 4-leg table is the most common table of all. You might be surprised at how well a 4-leg metal table set accommodates the various styles/ kinds of tabletops that you fall for, ranging from live-edge slabs, to concrete to quartz, you name it. At Flowyline, sets of 4 legs metal table legs can even be more accommodating because all the legs in our collection can cope well with up to 500-600lb table top.

Yami 4 legs table


Simple Table Legs with Gold Brass Finish

This kind of table leg could light up your dining space. These table legs come with gold metal legs for extra oomph. At Flowyline Design, with Simple Table Legs with Gold Brass or any designer table legs and bench legs we can do in shiny polishing stainless steel. With these handmade furniture pieces, and you can feel the difference in your house.

Wishbone gold brass metal table legs

A Set of 2 Legs Can Add Luxury and Uniqueness to Your Dining Room

The style of your table will impact the overall look and feel of your dining room. It can either be the statement piece of your dining room or match existing furniture pieces throughout your home, enhancing the unique characteristics of your home.

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