Walnut Table Metal Legs

Come to think about it, we are surrounded by wood. From the desk you work at to the core structure of your house, everything is made out of wood! And Walnut wood is super popular for cabinetry and furniture.

Walnut wood comes in a wide variety, you may have heard some type of walnut wood such as English Walnut, Black Walnut, Claro, Bastogne, Peruvian Walnut etc.

Here’re some metal legs and bases that will definitely NOT go wrong with Walnut Table.

  1. Wineglass Metal Table Legs

This is one of the best selling at Flowyline. Due to its simpleness and elegance, you will find these pairs could only make your walnut dinning table stand out

Wineglass metal table legsWineglass metal table legs

Wineglass Metal Table Legs

  1. Yami Metal Table Legs and Bench Legs

Dinning table is not the only furniture that can emphasize your living space. Isnt this coffee walnut table below remarkable? There is nothing compare to the luxiriousness when it comes to Yami design

 Yami metal table legs and bench legsYami metal table legs and bench legs

Yami Table Legs and Bench Legs

  1. Curva metal legs

You may worry about the size and the thickness of the walnut table that keep you away from any metal legs? Think again. Here at Flowyline, any metal legs can hold up to 500lbs and more than 500lbs for some specific bases. Let take a look at this walnut table using a set Curva metal legs.

Curva metal legsCurva metal legs

Curva Metal Legs Design

  1. Akro metal legs

Unlike any other wood legs, metal table legs can form in variety design. From the elegance for your timeless table, to the most dazzling design that you can never find any legs look like this

 Akro metal legs

Akro metal legs

Akro metal legs

Akro Table Metal Legs

  1. Tulipe metal base

Checkout this beautiful Tulipé table with a walnut and black epoxy top. You will be amazed by how gorgeous this table can bring to the center of the house.

Tulipe metal base

Tuplipe Metal Base

At Flowyline, we can help you out. We are metal table legs/bases manufacturers and specialize in custom any metal table bases/legs that can absolutely meet your requirement.

Get in touch with us or live chat with us on www.flowyline.com for more information.

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