5 Best Metal Legs Designs to Enhance Your Living Space

There’s an endless variety of interior designs that fit the passions of the people they serve. One of the best options when trying to get the best decor for the house interior is picking the right furniture

When it comes to interior decor, buying the right table legs for your furniture is a priority, as the unique designs have a lot of value in them. Moreover, beautiful metal table legs with different finishes will make the home decor more pretty.

Here are the best metal table legs that will absolutely enhance your living space.

1. Summa metal base

This Summa metal base design with its simple look only to make your live-edge slab more expensive


2. Namu metal base

The Namu handmade metal base is beautifully crafted and thoughtfully designed. This absolutely make your living room even more luxurious


3. Wineglass metal table legs

You will be impressed by how expensive-looking of the Walnut dining table on the Wineglass table legs. These traditional but significant metal legs would brighten up your living space as they are beautifully crafted with a flawless finish


4. Cleo gold brass table legs

You prefer a powerful interior style? we recommend the Cleo gold brass table  legs. This gold brass table legs is extraordinary, and imagine how it would work perfectly with the silver maple live edge slab. You will absolutely love this inspiring work of art, furthermore, the Cleo gold brass designs should level up your house in the overall quality


5.Arco metal base

Every metal table base in Flowyline design is hand-maded with utmost care and enthusiasm.Every well-made angle in this Arco metal base should blow your mind right at the first glance


How to use metal table legs to maximize your satisfaction?

Regardless of what the table leg shapes are, maintaining these steel shape legs has some of the best maintenance tips available. If the tables are not stable, it can upset your coffee time when you are having high tea on these tables. A slight imbalance can cause the coffee to tip over and affect the table legs structure.

Moreover, it is essential to get furniture legs that you can adjust easily. The adjustment can be made appropriately quickly to create a furniture balance.

At Flowyline, with our thoughtful design - we received many compliments about the levelers that could adjust when the floor is not too even. The metal legs and the mounting plate are powder-coated which is corrosion-proof.

Before assembly, grease the holes before inserting screws through them. It makes the whole process easy to screw and unscrew if you want to disassemble them.

Moreover, you can always use spray paints to cover the metal legs in any color your want.

At Flowyline, we can help you out. We are metal table legs/bases manufacturers and specialize in custom any metal table bases/legs that can absolutely meet your requirement.

Get in touch with us for more information.


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