Handmade metal table base, good for office tables, dining table and many more

You don’t have to put up with dining room, console, or coffee tables until they’re rendered completely useless. There are many reasons to get a new table, and all of them are quite reasonable.

Whether you feel that the current ones have gotten a bit outdated or just fancy a change, it’s never too soon to go brand new.

Keep reading to know when you’re in for a change.

You’re a Bigger Unit

It could be that you weren’t expecting new additions when you bought your old table. It happens. Just because you don’t plan on having more kids doesn’t mean your kids don’t.

The more your extended family—well—extends, the more cramped your existing table will look, and the more you’ll feel like getting at least some new custom table legs to hold your raucous crowd.

Pedestal metal table base for glass top, very elegant and artistic

Your Table’s Wobbly

The more years you spend moving around a table, unintentionally hitting it when pulling a chair back in, and weighing it down with dishes and countless elbows, the more unhinged it’ll become.

As the screws come loose, the table will feel rickety, and no one likes that.

You know then that you’re up for a new table. This time, metal table legs to last a lifetime.

Yami metal table legs, good for ceasarstone top, live edge top, FGRC concrete and many more

You Feel Like It

A change of heart usually stems from a change in trends, and those have certainly come far since the times of decks and dens. If it isn’t that, then it’s entirely possible to have grown tired of looking at the same design and needing a change.

It wouldn’t make sense to upscale your space and leaving a mismatched table alone because you feel defeated by its resilience. Switch it out for a newer, sleeker design.


Metal table legs and bench legs set, great for living room, and outdoor furniture

You’re Paying in Repairs

A new top with handsome table legs would never need repairs, especially if they’re made of metal. However, we can’t claim the same for other materials.

For example, take wood. It gets worn down the older it looks to the point where it’s getting repaired more than it’s serving its purpose. And repairs never come cheap.

Instead of wasting both time and money, you’re better off making a once-and-for-all investment in handmade steel table legs. They’ll last longer, require minimum maintenance, and even fewer repairs.

 Uzar metal table legs - rectangular curved shape, good for coffee table, outdoor table, for live edge top

Upgrade Your Table Tops with Designer Metal Table Legs

A rickety base is the most common problem that persists with old tables. Keep the top, and let us take care of what’s underneath by getting legs for your dining room, coffee, or side tables.

If you like something we’ve run out of, or if you want something in a different size, we can easily customize it as per your measurements.

For questions or comments on our handmade metal table legs, contact us online.


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