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Long gone are the days where wood furniture was everything; now, there are many material choices to choose from: plastic, metal, bamboo, and more. Before you decide on the kind of furniture you want in your living space, you should mull over its potential advantages and drawbacks.

Metal furniture is the new hype in the modern-day, where more and more people are filling their living spaces and offices with metal tables, chairs, side tables, and more.

There are some obvious benefits that metal furniture offers us, and this is why tables with metal bases and metal table legs are sought after.

1.      The Epitome of Modern Day Style

Due to the versatility of metals, metal tables can easily be made into stylish pieces. Metal table base manufacturers very expertly create furniture that is both functional and looks great. Metal tables can be laminated with different colors, and can even resemble wood pieces if you want.


2.      Easy Cleaning and No Pest Infestation

A breakfast table with metal base

Wood furniture, no matter how classy, is always vulnerable to pest infestations. Though metal furniture is still at risk of pests, it’s not as bad, as it's easier to clean metal furniture. According to studies, bed bugs are more likely to infect wood and fabric than metal. Metal tables also are better at tolerating anti-pest chemicals.

Metal is also easy to clean and difficult to scratch (great for pet lovers!). Due to its easy maintenance, it’s well-loved. You can apply some polish to it, or wipe the stains away, and your table will be good as new.


3.      Durability

Another terrific thing about metal tables, and metal furniture in general, is that they’re highly durable. They can tolerate a lot of weight and extreme use, making them ideal for living rooms. It’s flame-resistant, scratch-resistant, and nearly impossible to break. This saves you money over time, as metal furniture doesn’t require much changing.


4.      A Long-Term Investment 

Good quality metal tables and furniture will cost you a little more than wood, but it lasts longer (over fifteen years), and requires less maintenance as well. Many manufacturers will also provide you with a warranty that will cover you up for years.

If you’re looking for a side table, coffee table, or a dining table with metal table legs and bases, we can help you out. At Flowyline, we manufacture table legs and bases including handmade metal table legs, metal table base, custom metal coffee table base, and more.

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