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What comes to your mind when you think about condos? Compact spaces, contemporary décor and furniture, and modern design, right? Due to this, you should be careful about your furniture choice to create the perfect dining room in a condo. While all the items should be functional, they should also blend with space.

Let’s look at 3 tips for creating a perfect dining space in a condo!

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1. Embrace corners, windows, and nooks

While you’re searching for modern décor and furniture for your condo, shaking the conventional design rules of using space can be pretty challenging. Yes, we’re always taught not to block windows because it can make things feel cramped, but you’re not sacrificing any negative space as you’re already living in a small condo.

If you have floor-to-ceiling windows or a sliding glass door, totally clearing them isn’t mandatory. Why not treat them as a corner in your space? Yep, it’s possible by putting your chairs, stools, and table there. To save some space, you can use benches as seating in nooks and against windows. If you want to forgo chairs, opt for L-shaped benches—they’re an incredible addition.

2. Use décor and art to separate

Separating your dining room area from your living room may be difficult if all you have is one large living space within your condo. But there are ways—just make the right design and décor choices, and you’ll be good.

Put a rug down under the table to separate it as its own space. Or maybe, use different artwork on the walls around your small dining table and chairs—another brilliant example. Some people hang a mirror on the nearest wall, which is also a great option as it makes space appear bigger, separates it from the remaining room, and is something other than a traditional décor. There’s another way of carving out space: use floating shelves with plants or wine glasses. If you can differentiate the space from the remaining condo through some décor, it’ll feel like you have a separate dining room.

a dining space in a condo

3. Choose compact dining chairs

It’s never easy to choose dining chairs for a condo. Of course, you’ll want something compact that doesn’t take up a lot of space. If you’re looking to save space, choose rolling chairs—one can easily tuck them under a table when nobody is using them. Some other options are stackable chairs. When not in use, these chairs can either double and act as a bookshelf/plant holder or can be stacked along a wall.

Don’t forget to take measurements before buying any dining chairs for your condo. Gauging space can be an uphill task, and you may overestimate the space available in your condo. Thus, you may end up buying larger chairs and in greater quantity than your condo allows.

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