Metal Table Legs

It’s getting a little warmer, so it’s time to start thinking about our outdoor spaces! It is fun to have it for eating dinner when the sun gets low enough in the sky to not be blazing hot. If you are planning some outdoor furniture but still under consideration due to the limited budget for a dining table in the garden, a small coach for your patio, not to mention the quality and characteristics using for outdoor. The metal legs would be the best choice for your outdoor use with a small budget and great quality

Let’s take a look for 10 Metal Table Legs best use for Outdoor furniture:

Prestige Metal Base

This high-quality metal table base is exactly what you are looking for to support your outdoor table. Being power-coated and made of steel and metal, the legs are built with sturdiness in mind.
Arco Metal Base

Arco Metal Base


You like elegance and fancy style, not too big but suitable for your outdoor patio. Then this Uzar Metal Base is your best companion. 

Uzar Table Base

Uzar Metal Base

Absolute "HomeRun" if you want to add more value to your outdoor garden. This Tulipe Metal Base will catch your eyes immediately for its unique styles .

Tulipe Metal Base

Tulipe Metal Base

Not only are they extremely unique and creative, but they're incredibly durable and heavy-duty for outdoor using. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes the design because you'll definitely like the quality 

Metal Table Legs

Metal Table Legs

Awesome, perfect, and well made. The Cleo table legs should work out perfectly on your custom dining table, exactly what you want for an outdoor BBQ party

 Cleo Metal Table LegsCleo Metal Table Legs

Cleo Metal Table Legs


The design is base on the tree in the jungle, not only are they very sturdy and well made, but the art they bring to the house.

Yami Metal Table LegsYami Metal Table Legs

Yami Metal Table Legs


And many more interesting designs that will blow up your mind.

Curva Metal Legs

Arko Metal Table Legs


 Xavier Metal Table Legs

Don’t forget the bench

Here at Flowyline, we offer you many choices of decorative metal bench that can level up your outdoor experience a great deal

Draco Metal Table Legs and Bench Legs 

 Xeni Metal Table Legs and Bench Legs

Namu table legs and bench legs


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